At Lazula Lux, we pride ourselves on being as environmentally friendly as possible, using only eco-friendly materials in our frames and packaging. We proudly support The Big Blue Ocean Cleanup, donating 10% of profit from each sale to help fund this amazing charity, who work tirelessly to clear our seas and beaches of plastic all over the world.

Learn more about their work by clicking here.

Our carefully crafted, high quality frames are made from metal and acetate. Acetate is a natural and renewable material made from cotton and wood pulp.

Our stunning cases are made from cork-wood which helps sustain the world's cork forests, providing habitats to some of the world's most endangered species. When a cork oak tree is harvested to create our cases it actually absorbs more carbon dioxide, helping to combat global warming.

Our case linings, cleaning cloths and carry bags are made from natural cotton and will be shipped to you in fully biodegradable cardboard packaging ready for you to enjoy.